Greeting for the City Run 2022

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Dear sports fans,

The International Korschenbroich City Run sets off a great wave of movement year after year. The run is an institution and has so many fans that in 2020 it was even well-received as a virtual event under the Corona conditions. To move outside – a lot of space and fresh air all around – this is possible in these times. Our hope: The run can retake place in 2021 as usual and fascinates all age and ability classes from Kids to senior citizens. Our city is full of color when the streets change into a racetrack! And the range is so varied when the shops open their doors when sponsors, clubs, and the city marketing offer a varied accompanying program! Whether you run or watch: it’s never boring at the City Run in Korschenbroich. I’m looking forward to the next go-ahead. Preferably live on August 22, 2021. See you there!

Yours Marc Venten

Event announcement

  • Organizer

    Förderverein Citylauf e.V.

  • Host

    City-Lauf GmbH i. V. with the Korschenbroicher Leichtathletik Club

  • Patron

    Mayor Marc Venten

  • Race management

    Hans-Peter Walther
    Markus Bresser

  • Race doctor

    Dr. Bernd Schellen

  • Start and finish

    The German Athletic Federation officially measures the course.

  • Contact information

    Hans-Peter Walther (+49 171 8512124)
    Markus Bresser (+49 157 87461501)
    Fax: + 49 2161 / 613-298

  • Sign-up

    Online at: Registration
    Closing date: 31.08.2022 / 12:00 a.m.

  • Late registrations

    Possible on the day of the event until 30 minutes before the start. Late registration fee: €4.00
    Start number distribution and late registration on 11.09.22 from 10.00 a.m. see signage near finish.

  • Elite run 13/14

    Free for DLV runners. International runners only possible by invitation from the race director.

  • Korschenbroich citizens and sports clubs

    For the heats 11 to 15, they pay only 50%. Runs 1 to 10 are free of charge until the closing date. Thereafter, everyone pays the full entry fee.

  • Entry fees
    Staggered entry fees
    Kids/Youth Adults
    Until 26.06.2022 €6.00 €10.00
    Until 08.08.2022 €7.00 €12.00
    Until 31.08.2022 €8.00 €14.00
    Relays €20.00 €30.00
  • Awards
    • In race one – stuffed toys for the kids, souvenir gifts for adults
    • In all other races stuffed toys, T-Shirts or souvenir gifts
    • Material prizes for the first 8 finishers (race 2 – 9)
    • Material prizesin race 10 to 14
    • Monetary awards (race 11; 13 and 14), see prizes list
    • certificates for places 1-3 directly at victory ceremony, otherwise self-printing on the homepage
  • Team rankings for German clubs

    Race 13 – City Run
    Three participants of all age groups will be ranked as a team for men or women per club by time addition (material prizes).

  • Cup run for elementary schools:

    Race 2 – just for elementary schools of Korschenbroich
    Six best-placed runners of every school are classified. Maximum 11 runners per school. Every school receives a trophy.

  • Relays: (new)

    Race 10 – Fun Relay for schools and everyone
    Youth: for relay teams of secondary schools from grade 5 to 10 – no sports clubs teams.
    Men/Women – Anyone born in 2002 or earlier: All relays with separate scoring m/f. Mixed relays classify as men.

  • AOK Company Cup

    Race 11 and 15 – with 2 classifications for companies up to 100 employees or above 100 employees. See details of the AOK’s Company Cup at or

  • Changing rooms / showers

    For runners – “Neue Sporthalle” Steinstraße 18 (200 m from the start). For bikers at the indoor swimming pool Korschenbroich.

  • Directions

    A 46 (Kapellen), A 52 (Schiefbahn), A 57 (Neuss-Büttgen), S-Bahn line 8 (Hagen-Mönchengladbach)

  • Parking

    Matthias-Hoeren-Platz (An der Sandkuhle), Parking lot high school (Don-Bosco-Straße)


Race 111:45 a.m.


A small round for children from 0 to 6 years and accompanying persons, without timing.

1.100 m
Race 212:10 p.m.

Bambini run

A small round for all first graders of the Korschenbroich elementary schools, without timing / with place points.

1.100 m
Race 312:25 p.m.


(2014/15 and younger) – one small round

1.100 m
Race 412:40 p.m.


(2013) – one small round

1.100 m
Race 512:55 p.m.


(2014/15 and younger) – one small round

1.100 m
Race 61:10 p.m.


(2013) – one small rounds

1.100 m
Race 71:20 p.m.


(2011 / 2012) – one small round

1.100 m
Race 81:30 p.m.


(2011 / 2012) – one small round

1.100 m
Race 91:40 p.m.


(2007 to 2010) – one small round

1.100 m
Race 101:50 p.m.


(For students / everyone) For schools up to grade 10. Fun relays for men and women from 2004 onwards with separate scoring m/f.

6 x 231 m
Race 112:35 p.m.

5 km run

First a small lap, then three big laps for runners with a personal best under 25 minutes with honoring the ten best women and men of all age groups plus the youth classes U18 m/f and U20 m/f. Finish time limit: 25 minutes

5.000 m
Race 123:05 p.m.

City run

(Race of the NEW running series and District Cup-Neuss) First two small and then six large rounds with individual scoring separated by classes for all men – and women classes, U23 m/f to 70 and older and team rankings for men and women. Finish time limit: 70 minutes

10.000 m
4:15 p.m.

Introducing the elite women and men for race 14 and 15

Race 134:20 p.m.

Women 5 km – for female runners under 20 minutes

First a small lap, then three big laps. Individual classification for U23 w, women’s main class and masters from W40.

5.000 m
Race 144:22 p.m.

Men 10 km

For runners under 40 minutes (Run of the NEW running series and District Cup-Neuss) first two small and then six large rounds. Individual classification for U23 m, men’s main class and Masters from M40.

10.000 m
Race 155:10 p.m.

Volks run

First a small then three large rounds. Sponsored by Volksbank Erft eG for everyone with timekeeping without ranking. Finish time limit: 70 minutes

5.000 m